viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010


With Filadelfia as its capital.
A ghost town that didn't change much since the arrival of its first immigrants at the end of XIX century.
The story of these immigrants is long and tragic.

A story of persecution and escape. All because of religious beliefs.
From Holland, to Germany. Then Russia fleeing from the ravages of the Bolshevik Revolution and the later Stalin repressions. Following Canada and ending up in Paraguay, a country empty of men after the Triple Alliance War against Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

The Mennonites had the reputation of being excellent farmers and hard-workers.
In addition, the rumor of oil deposits in the Chaco, and Bolivia's encroachment on that area, which resulted in the 1932 War of the Chaco, made it a political necessity to populate the region with Paraguayan citizens.

In return for religious freedom, exemption from military service, the right to speak German in schools and elsewhere, the right to administer their own educational, medical, social organizations and financial institutions, the Mennonites agreed to colonize an area thought to be inhospitable and unproductive due to the lack of water.

They managed to create a powerful society, with great income but very conservative in its traditions (Alcohol is not sold in the mennonite supermarket!). It's still a very religious society were mixing with local paraguayans is not yet a reality. Just have a look at the colors of children at a school class

But by chance we had friends there. The crazy and partying menonnites, who brought us to the only club in the area, opened less than a year ago!
Finally they have where to dance..
Thank you Vicky and Doris!!
Bus to get to the Chaco!

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Carla dijo...

Chaco is no a very touristy province but I heard there are many religious missions going on there. When I travelled to Argentina I went to Ushuaia. There is always something to do no matter the season: during South America's longest ski season, ski Cerro Castor and Glaciar Martial. In summer, take the ski lift or hike up the glacier, see penguins and orcas in the Beagle Channel and ride the End of the World Train to Tierra del Fuego National Park. The city is kept quite damp by its sub-polar oceanic climate. Then I recommend to rent an apartment in buenos aires and get to know the beautiful capital. It is not cold there!